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Adapter cable type 2 (charging station side) to 3-pole blue commando socket

Adapter cable type 2 (charging station side) to 3-pole blue commando socket

  • IP65 Classe de protection
  • Certifié CE et TÜV
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This 0.5-metre Voldt adapter cable transforms a Mode 3 (Type 2 plug) charge point to a standard 220V CEE connection (3-pole blue). This converts a public charging point intended for cars to a universal power supply for various applications. You can also use this cable to charge electric boats at a waterside charging station Practical Application: Suppose you have a mobile charger for your car that is compatible with a CEE socket. However, you encounter a Type 2 (Mode 3) charging point or charging box and cannot connect to it directly. Thanks to this adapter, this becomes possible! Connect the adapter to the charging point, and at the other end you will find a 220V CEE socket (3-pin blue) for your mobile charger. Adapter release: When you want to disconnect your car from the charging point, make sure the charging box is switched off first. This will unlock the adapter, after which you can safely remove it. You can stop charging at a public charging point or temporarily disconnect the power supply to the charging box at home. Once unlocked, you can effortlessly remove the adapter from the charging box. Important: The CEE plug is not locked into the CEE socket.